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Tyre Safety Tips

Wear Marker

Tyres have a 'wear marker' set at a depth of 1.5 millimetres - the legal minimum depth.  Tread depth above that mark is legal and safe, but if it's below two millimetres, they may perform poorly in wet conditions. With this in mind be sure to keep an eye on your tyres tread.

Tyre Pressure

To get the best out of your tyres be sure to check the pressure. Low pressure can lead to excessive wear, higher fuel consumption and poor performance. Don't forget your spare, your spare tyre is the most important tyre on your vehicle. While you're there look for cracks, holes or splits in every tyre. If you remain vigilant about the condition of your tyres, you'll secure a safer drive for you and your family.

Wheel Alignment

Driving on rough services or hitting a kerb, this could alter your car's alignment. A wheel alignment ensures your tyres wear evenly and your steering wheel is perfectly straight.

Rotate Your Tyres Regularly

For maximum tyre life, you should rotate your tyres every 5,000 - 8,000 km, or according to the vehicle manufacturer's recommendations. Tyres can wear differently depending on their position on the vehicle due to vehicle loading, suspension and steering set up. Rotating your tyres will give a more even, safer wear pattern and prolong tyre life.

Load Rating

The load rating is the max weight that the tyre can handle in all circumstances, the tyres load rating must be the same or higher than the vehicles placard. The load rating is located beside the tyre size written on the tyres sidewall.


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