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Millard Service Centre Yatala is an independent leader in retreads in Queensland. Our work meets the Australian retreading standards and comes backed with our trusted brand promise. We re-tread only the best of cases and adhere to strict quality control procedures.

Millard Service Centre uses quality products within the manufacturing process, Goodway Super Cool rubber. Supercool rubber is designed to stay cooler while on the road to preserve the life of the tyre. Ask us about our low rolling resistant fuel saving compounds.

Our Process

Millard Service Centre re-treads undergo strict quality control testing, including analysis of the case and tread for desired use in order to clarify it is adequate for processing. 

  1. Case control testing; brand, load rating, use, age and condition analysis.
  2. Tyre buffed, removing all existing tread and re-examined. 
  3. Tyre prepared and painted with salatin, bonding material applied and partially cure rubber. 
  4. Pre-cured tread then applied and rolled down tyre.
  5. Tyre enclosed in an envelope and placed in the auto clave to cure bonding material, adhering tread to tyre casing
  6. Tyre removed and ready for final inspection
  7.  Fitted by our quality truck fitters

Our retreads fall into 2 categories; customers own tyres we re-tread and stock.

Sizes: Our sizes range from light truck 195/85X16 to 9.5X7.5 and larger trucks 265/70X19.5 to 295/80X225.

The benefits of re-treading:

Cost: Performance Based System (PBS) tyres are expensive due to the engineering, technology and strict requirements, re-treading prolongs the life of such an investment.

Performance: Our re-treads perform better than new cheaper imperial imported tyres (not designed for Australian roads) from countries such as China and Indonesia.

Our promise: Millard's stands by its product, hence why they are so popular. If a Millard re-treaded tyre fails from a manufacturing fault we will replace it at no charge.

Things to consider: Re-treads have had a bad rap due to rouge organisations not meeting Australian standards, using inferior tyres and poor quality control procedures can mean poor performance.

Millard Service Centre recommends your tyres should only be re-capped once.


Millard Tyre Centre
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Yatala QLD 4207

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