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More than just a tyre shop in Yatala

At Millard Service Centre, we take your tyre safety very seriously. Being Yatala's local tyre shop, we're committed to keeping you, your friends, family and neighbours safe. We know what's at risk, so you can always trust you're getting the best possible service and workmanship.

Our company sell, fit and repair tyres for wheel barrows, golf buggies, trailers, passenger cars, commercial vehicles, bobcats, forklifts, light trucks, 4WD/SUVs, trucks, farm vehicles, agricultural, industrial, earthmoving & heavy equipment and anything else that has wheels.


Millard Service Centre stocks the highest-quality tyres that are designed to perform on Australian terrain and roads. We have the widest range of tyres for vehicles including performance tyres. Your tyres will be fitted by a qualified, experienced tyre fitter and tested before you drive back onto the streets of Yatala.

Wheel Alignments

Having your wheel alignment checked before a long trip is essential to save fuel and money as well as making your car more comfortable to drive and safer. Regularly having your tyres rotated, balanced and aligned ensures you can maximise the life of your tyres and that they perform to their full potential.

We have just installed our brand new state of the art John Bean V2300 Wheel Alignment machine. The V2300 Imaging Wheel Alignment System is one of the most advanced alignment systems on the market today. Patented imaging technology provides accurate and real-time measurements that improve productivity. User-friendly features such as EZ-TOE, VODI and an extensive vehicle specification database delivers customer satisfaction, ease of use and accuracy.


It's important that your tyres, rims and wheels are all integrated for the best fit and functionality. Talk to the team at Millard's before you buy your new rims to ensure the best fit for your tyres and vehicle. We have a huge range of rims for any vehicle whether it be trucks, cars, utes, golf buggies and more. We even repair damaged rims whether damaged from the rough roads causing buckling or hitting that curve and cracking, we can even organise your vehicle rims to be resprayed for any scratches or dings. 

We can sort out the whole package for best performance to get you on the road and running smoothly.


Our owner Francis has over 20 years experience with batteries, as the former owner and operator of a Battery World. As with our enormous range of tyres, we stock a huge variety of batteries and we can get you any kind of battery you need for your vehicle or boat.  Just ask for our expert advice.

Stocking Federal and AC Delta batteries for all motorbikes, cars, forklift, bobcat, machinery and marine vehicles.

Fleet Services

We offer fleet services for our account holders.  Whether your company runs a number of commercial cars, trucks, agricultural machines or a range of different vehicles, we can offer fitting, repairs and servicing to keep your whole fleet running and on the road smoothly.

Tyre Safety Test

Put safety first and take a little time out of your day to bring your vehicle in for a free tyre safety test. We use precision equipment and state of the art technology to measure the wear and tear on your tyres. By analysing the wear and tear, we're able to provide you with the best tyre recommendation for your needs.


If you've got a puncture, pull in and we'll get you back on the road in no time.  We're just off the highway opposite the Yatala Pie Shop, and we've got a large staffed team onsite ready to offer you a quick turnaround on your tyre repairs. Dropping off or waiting you can bet you'll get expert service.

For 35 years Millard Service Centre has specialised in repairing car, 4WD, truck, bobcat, backhoe, agricultural equipment, tractor tyres and more.

Major Repairs

We can now even do major repairs for earthmover vehicles, off the road tyres (OTR). Using the latest equipment for industrial repairs we can repair tyres from front end loaders, graters, scrappers and moxies, 29.5 R 25 tyres and more.

Tyre Sealing

At the forefront of technology, Millard's is always looking for initiative ways to keep you moving, saving on down time and increasing the life of your tyres. This puncture resistant product works quickly to seal punctures with thousands of interlocking fibres clotting around the puncture preventing air loss.

Come in store for a demonstration today.

Tyre Care

Once we've fitted your new tyres, we want to help you get the most life out of them.  Come and see us for regular tyre checks and rotations, as well as wheel alignments and balances for optimum vehicle safety and handling.


Millard Service Centre is more than a tyre shop. We're tyre specialists committed to excellence in tyre service and customer service, another reason why we're Yatala's favourite. Come in and see us, sit back, have a cup of tea or coffee and a yarn while you wait. You'll be back on the road before you know it with added peace of mind.


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